eternal love exemplified resonance


Animal Communication

Nell offered to help me with one of my cats who had a thyroid problem.  Moon was treated through Radio-cat, but her healing was much quicker and on all levels of her being, thanks to Nell doing her distance work.

Nell also had some thoughts/messages for me concerning my other cat, Blue. This information has been a great help to me. It is always easier to assist the animals when you know what they need and want.

I truly appreciate all that Nell did for both of my cats.


Goshen, Ct

Like finding the missing piece to the puzzle

After several doctors including an ND, multiple diagnostic tests,  spiritual guidance and even expensive cellular release energy work, I  was still at a loss as to why I had this health issue. Nobody really  could explain what was wrong with me OR what to do about it. That was so  upsetting because I had no answers.

Nell guided me beautifully with her unconditional love and energy to  create a sacred space. She got to the core issue right away! It was amazing. It all made sense what was going on. Like a huge light bulb went off. Like finding the missing piece to the puzzle. She lovingly guided me as to what to do to help me overcome this issue. She gave me specific instructions for after our session.

Nell helped me where others were unable to. What a blessing and true angel she is!

Kim from TX  

Spontaniously stopped smoking

My first point is confidence, Nell acquired and managed confidence with me. She got me in a comfortable energy position since the first session, since the first time we met.

The second point is energy reassembly: Nell has recognized my energy leaks and has healed them with gentle care and compassion.

Energy leaks arise from a dysfunctional body or mind, presenting only as energy features from an incorrect understanding about perception variations.

The third point is love: this point is very important because Nell has encouraged me to actually feel beloved and respected as so few people have.

Nell has transferred in me unconditional love but also she has modeled for me to feel the love of the universe and self love.

The fourth point is awareness: By interactions with Nell I have acquired more and more and more awareness about myself and the world around me.

In addition she helped me discover Earth (Gaia) Integration, totally full presence and deep breathing. All of these things are helping me in my journey towards the Goal I call infinite and infinite love and freedom.

I have had a total of three sessions via Skype. I have used her elixir called Sacred Sound Symphony. As a side effect I have stopped smoking after the second session. I found it quite easy to overcome the cravings as I rather breathe love then smoke. I also am eating real foods and I exercise.

Thanks Nell

Willy Rizzo

Tuscany, Italy

Nourishment on many levels

My session with Nell is best described as nourishment on many levels.  In 90 minutes, she helped me come to terms with numerous aspects of my  life, simultaneously, in a very healing way. Her presence in my life  surpasses that first phone call. Undoubtedly, we’ve opened a door upon  something special without ever leaving home! Nell is a calming wonderful  energy. My appreciation is deeply heartfelt.

Karen Campos

Melbourne, FL

Doula services

My daughter was born at home. In the warm birthing pool in the living room.

From the moment the contractions started at 1:30 AM, until her birth,  just before 3:30 PM, I felt and experienced a lot. There were moments I would have preferred to just check out, while Nell gently guided me back on task. With the words: “it’s a labor of Love”, she helped me cope with the tension. With breathing techniques she helped me stay on top of the pressure of even the most intense contractions, as they came and went. With her hands she knew exactly where to find the spots where  they were needed, to provide support and trigger strength I didn’t know I had. She coached me through adjusting my posture and movement to help me align with gravity, and easing the path of birth for my daughter.

Nell knew exactly what was appropriate, and to our benefit, any given moment. I keep beloved memories of the birth of my beautiful baby girl, and the way I was cherished, empowered and supported.  


Amsterdam, The Netherlands 

Professional doula recommendation:   

Nell Reboh is an asset to any birthing environment but especially at home. She attends births and expands her ever growing knowledge base of this life changing event. She has an intuitive respect for the process  which encourages the expectant couple to find their own voice during the  transition. With a generous heart filled with compassion, she allows the process to unfold. I highly recommend Mrs Reboh as a birth professional.

Esme Carino, CCE, DONA(CD)
Brooklyn, New York