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About Us

Love All ~ Serve All - New Paradigm MDT

Specialized in release and transmutation of trauma of any kind

 E-l'xr (Eternal Love eXemplified Resonance) is a ministry of Light, that provides vibrational remedies with the use of gemstones, in service to humanity, Mother Earth and all life forms. In 2010, Nell Tomassen Reboh founded E-l’xr to promote heart centered living in conscious, co-creative partnerships. 

Services and products offered today are:

  • birth & rebirth doula services
  • individual energy therapy sessions, couples, parent/child, animal/owner and group sessions
  • a line of gem-elixirs channeled from Source
  • New Paradigm Multi-Dimensional Transformation workshops 
  • all services (except the New Paradigm MDT workshops) can take place in person or from a distance

How Gem Elixirs Can Help You

How Gem-Elixirs Can Help You

Subtle energies are much more powerful, because they feed the body triggers that permeate more deeply (exactly where it is needed) especially when calibrated in harmony with the Divine Seed Blueprint of Creation (as in all life forms). It is only natural that these energies then trigger the innate self healing capacity that everyone is born with. These elixirs are designed to help your body systems gently release trauma, environmental pollutants, geopathic stress, and other discordant energies.

During a session in which the recipient receives a brain balancing, it becomes clear which elixir resonates most. Then it is created and finished with frequencies specific to the being it is meant to serve.

Peace, empowerment, presence. Free to be you.

See the Difference

Those who have enjoyed services and products offered by Nell with E-lxr, have noted restored inner peace, feeling much empowered to be more present and free to be themselves. 

Notes from Nell

Earth Changes

We live in times of constant change. Earth is going through major changes, and as her poles are shifting, consciousness is shifting. Unsustainable business is failing. New paradigms are coming up faster than ever. Whether or not they work is very much an individual process. It is more than ever very important to reconnect with the nature of being for those of us who are into living through these shifts. Collectively and individually, it is up to us to move our consciousness beyond survival, living a fulfilling life. 

It all may sound very complex, but in reality it is quite the opposite. Once we connect with the truth of who we are, learn to ground fully within this truth, we intuitively sense what resonates, and let go of the rest. 

Living through shifts

  • Connect with who you are by nature

  • Learn to ground fully

  • Go for fulfillment: use your natural talents 

  • Use discernment: take what resonates, leave the rest